Structural Engineering

SSB will design timber and steel framing as well as concrete structural components for your residential or light commercial project.  If you are a builder or contractor, you have come to the right place.

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Civil Engineering

SSB provides a full range of residential and light commercial civil engineering services.

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New & Old Construction

SSB provides civil/structural engineering services for new construction, and rehabilitation projects.

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Professional Engineers Stamp

SSB has registered professional civil engineers in most New England states.  Civil engineering registration allows structural engineering and civil engineering for residential applications and most commercial applications.

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New & Old

Residential &
Light Commercial

Engineers Stamp


SSB prides itself on providing its clients services consistent with that requested.


SSB does not overcommit itself - this allows delivery of your project ON TIME.  We specialize in fast turnaround projects.


SSB provides estimates for your work scope and schedule, and works to those budgets.

Featured Project

Jean Carol Rd, Abington, MA

SSB provided engineering design for structural components of several homes in this new development.  Engineering included timber framing design, steel structural components, and steel columns.