SSB provides pre-construction and construction phase services for residential, mixed use and low-rise commercial buildings.  We are a very accustomed to working with contractors on new construction and renovations projects, including field inspection when warranted.  These services include: 

Civil/Structural Engineering

  • Engineering calculations and drawing stamp/seal - Building codes require a review of certain contractor / fabricator submittals for most non-residential projects and for some residential projects.  Sizing of structural members is typically added to existing architectural drawings for submittal.
  • Structural drawings or drawings to address specific structural conditions or inadequacies.
  • Engineered lumber specification such as LVL sizing per code requirements.
  • Engineered composite members such as Flitch Plates for larger spans.
  • Structural steel design for open concept homes.
  • Site visits - SSB is located in Scituate, MA - centrally located on the South Shore of Boston.
    • During construction for projects involving structural design services. Site visits are for a review of construction progress.
    • For inspection of existing structures experiencing strucutral problems.

New & Old Construction

  • Additions and alterations to buildings of all types and construction materials.
  • New home construction working closely with builder to meet code requirements.

Residential and Light Commercial

  • Small to large single family homes and low rise commercial.